Friday, May 9, 2014

News Release

If you haven't seen the the Fauquier County School page today... you are missing out. The Bradley art show made the news!!! Here is the news release and it can also be found on the FCPS1 website....

Thursday, May 8, 2014

1st annual Bradley Art Show

First, let me just say that it has been a month or so since I have updated our class blog! The Past month or so I have been overwhelmed with art show preparations.... but the end results turned out so AWESOME!!!

All the credit goes to all the amazing artist that we have here at Bradley, without their amazing art, we wouldn't of had an art show!! I have to admit, when I decided to do this at the start of the year - I never knew how much work it would be. There were many nights I went home this school year, worrying about ... DO NOT FORGET ANY STUDENTS!!! My worst nightmare was leaving a students art out of the show, but thankfully my worst nightmare did not come true :) Every student at Bradley had a piece of artwork on display and it was incredible! 


Thank you all for your support and all the wonderful emails about the art show... it makes all the planning and organizing well worth it!

Hopefully next week I am back on track and will start posting more student art on our class blog! 23 more school days left, but for now... enjoy a picture from the art show! I love the way the entryway to the show turned out :) More pictures to come soon!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week 24 and 25 In the Art Room

I am super excited about the new art tables in the art room.  I used a good portion of the profits from the Art to Remember fundraiser to purchase art supply's and 3 new art tables. My plan is to purchase the other 3 next school year. They look super fantastic, they are student friendly, and they make the art room look like an art room (plus the students love them) :) Thanks again to everyone who helped make the Art To Remember Fundraiser so successful.

Kinder students created a City scene collage this week using construction paper and shapes....

Most 1st grade students started their clay project this week, while other classes completed these fun mixed media jellyfish. 

2nd grade students started their clay projects last week. This week their owls air dried  All 2nd graders had the opportunity to go on a "mini field trip" to the "kiln room".  Many of them had no idea what a kiln was, so I showed them. Each student got to take their clay creation and place it into the kiln :) They will be ready to be glazed next week. and then put back in the kiln for another firing.

3rd grade students are learning about Ancient Greece in their homeroom classes, so what better project then to make mosaic art in the art room. Pictures next week...

4th grade students had the opportunity to refresh their 1 point perspective skills by creating these fun words (of their choice)

5th grade students caught up on projects and 1 class started their 3d figures. The 3d figures will be made using plaster and we hope to have them completed soon.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 23 and 23

Week 22 (2 weeks ago) = no art class for the week, thanks to SNOW!!!

Week 23 (Last Week) was a short week and most classes caught up on uncompleted assignments, but Kindergarten students and 4th graders got to create new art.

Kindergarten students focused on circles and ovals this week and made these fun frog pictures with silly tongues.

4th Grade students created underwater sea life pictures. They first painted the background using watercolor paint. Next we made a foam template and used it to print their sea creatures on their paper. Fun and messy!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 20 and 21 - Half through the school year

Preschool students made mittens this week using colored squares and glue. Next they painted the background and added snowflakes! With temperatures in the single digits this week - it was a great day to make mittens!

Kindergarten students created a winter forest. These birch trees and red cardinals make a great addition to our hallway walls. Our birds were made using 3 simple shapes - circle, oval, and triangle. The birch trees were made using 4 long white stripes of paper.  The last step was to add snow using a q-tip...

1st grade students learned about weaving and created these fun alligators/lizards


Second grade students drew themselves and their shadows. We discussed shadows and what silhouettes are. I have to comment on have some of these second graders are super good at designing clothes - fashion creative!!!

3rd grade students painted our state bird, the cardinal.

4th grade students used oil pastels, construction paper, and glitter for this mixed media artwork

Fifth grade students learned about artist Claus Oldenburg, an american artist who is known for his pop art sculptures. We discussed his "Burger" sculpture and then students got to be creative an design their own burgers. They could add anything they wanted to their burger, as long as it was food. Some of these have some crazy things in them - crabs, pizza, cupcakes, fried eggs, candy, fish, and spaghetti.. This project was a mixed media collage. We used yarn, felt, tissue paper, and construction paper.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Week 19 - Short week in the art room...

This has to be the shortest school week in school history! 3 Days off for the holiday break, 1 school day, and 1 snow day = only 1 day of school!

Kindergarten students and I made hot coco in art class today! We didn't make real hot coco but made an art version of it. We drew our mugs, added some steam using cotton, and the final touch.... added real marshmallows to the "hot coco".  I usually open a bag of marshmallows and let them get a bit hard before giving them to students to glue to their art (this makes them less appealing to eat), but I didn't do that this time! I gave them all fresh marshmallows and they smelled delicious! I had to remind them over and over that these were for our art :)

3rd grade students completed their self portraits. This was a new project that I tried this year. I wasn't honestly sure how they would turn out, but I am happy with the results. It is always scary trying a new project because you never know what will happen. There are times when I experiment and the vision I had does not always turn out, which is always hard to explain to my students. This simple self portrait project was much harder to teach than I expected. The hard work paid off.  

4th Grade students had fun using white chalk on black paper today. We created a winter wonderland and added a neat "frame" around them using chalk. As the snow lightly fell outside today, we created this fun 1 day project and they turned out really neat!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Week 18... More Winter Art

Kinder students had a fun week. They had the chance to "Free Draw" and draw pictures of themselves playing in the snow. I also showed them how to draw trees (winter scene) using geometric shapes.

1st grade students had fun making winter trees this week, but the best part was taking white paint and splattering it onto their art (to give a snow appearance). They LOVED this....

2nd grade students enjoyed learning about print making in art class. Students created their own 'block print" template with foam. Students first drew a sketch, next they transferred the sketch to the foam. The next step was to ink the foam using printing ink and a brayer. Students got to pick 2 colors of their choice and make 2 prints.

2nd graders also got to make "snow globes" this week.

3rd grade students continued to finish their self portraits this week. Most of them are done, but a few more need to be completed.  I will be hanging them when we return from the Holiday break.

4th grade students played catch-up this week and others had fun creating snowflakes.

5th grade students also played catch-up this week. They will be starting a new project after the Holiday break.