Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bottle Cap Cooperative Mural

Plastic Bottle Cap Sea Life Mural
My students and I collected bottle caps all year and we finally completed our cooperative school mural. This project took some time and each bottle cap was screwed down (to make it a permanent installation). Our sea life theme is beautiful and the students are so proud of their completed art!!!!
The time and effort that went into this project was well worth the final completed project!

African Lions, Monet Waterlilies, Van Gogh Winter Sky

Kindergarten: African Lions
How amazing are these!!! These mixed media lions were done after we learned about African Animals. We first painted the face, painted the main (using the entire 12x18 paper). Once the paint was dry, we went back and added details with a black sharpie and then added white string to the mane and black pipe cleaners for whiskers (Texture)! These fierce lions are fantastic!

5th Grade: Watercolor Monet Waterlilies
These waterlilies were inspired by Monet and were a great way to add color to the art room this winter! Students first painted 4 sheets of paper (pink, green, yellow and blue) using watercolor paint. Once dry, the sheets were cut into petals and leaves for the waterlilies. We then glued each piece partial down to give a pop-up design. Monet would be proud of these!!!

6th Grade: Van Gogh Winter Sky
Our winter sky paintings were inspired by Van Goghs Starry Night. This was a simple but very effective lesson! The finished results were amazing and all should have been framed and hung at the National Art Museum! Students learned about Van Gogh and different brush techniques. 

Textured Seascape

First Grade Texture Lesson
My 1st grade students created these paintings. The lesson focus was texture and they accomplished this in an amazing way!!! The lesson had a few steps: Paint one sheet blue and add texture with tools. 2. Paint the other sheet half orange and half yellow, then add texture with tools. The second day we met, we tore the paper into stripes and glued them down in layers :adding sailboats). These textured "Sunset Seascapes" turned out amazing!!