Friday, December 20, 2013

Week 18... More Winter Art

Kinder students had a fun week. They had the chance to "Free Draw" and draw pictures of themselves playing in the snow. I also showed them how to draw trees (winter scene) using geometric shapes.

1st grade students had fun making winter trees this week, but the best part was taking white paint and splattering it onto their art (to give a snow appearance). They LOVED this....

2nd grade students enjoyed learning about print making in art class. Students created their own 'block print" template with foam. Students first drew a sketch, next they transferred the sketch to the foam. The next step was to ink the foam using printing ink and a brayer. Students got to pick 2 colors of their choice and make 2 prints.

2nd graders also got to make "snow globes" this week.

3rd grade students continued to finish their self portraits this week. Most of them are done, but a few more need to be completed.  I will be hanging them when we return from the Holiday break.

4th grade students played catch-up this week and others had fun creating snowflakes.

5th grade students also played catch-up this week. They will be starting a new project after the Holiday break. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Week 16 & 17 Winter in the art room

It is hard to believe that the Holidays are here and we only have 1 more week of school before the holiday break. I am not sure who is more excited, the students or I?

Thank you to all who helped make the Share the Warmth Charity event so successful. We way exceeded my goal of 60 items. Even though the event ended last Friday, this week I continued to collect an additional 20 items from students. In total we collected about 170 items (hats, mittens, and scarves)! The Art with a HeART gift basket was raffled off and a very lucky 2nd grader won the art basket!!! Thanks again for all of your contributions!  Half of the items have been delivered and I will be delivering the other half early next week!

Box to collect items and the art gift basket

The past few weeks have been busy in the art room. We have had art party's and students have been playing catch up on projects that they never had a chance to finish. Some classes had a chance to start new projects and complete them this past week and this week. Other classes have not, due to SNOW DAYS! Yay!

Kindergarten students created their first "Winter Art" project. We created winter trees. This fun project got a thumbs up from all students and I can thank the "fancy scissors" that we used for that. Students got to cut their trees using decorative scissors ( I call them "fancy" scissors).  Here are some of the Winter Wonderlands....

1st grade students created snowman this week, but I added a fun twist to the project. Instead of making your "everyday" facing forward snowman, we changed the perspective for these snowmen! Students created there snowmen as if they were looking up at the sky and watching the falling snow.... 

4th grade students (some) created snowmen cards this week. We made our snowmen using an ariel perspective and made them "pop" by making them in layers. Students then painted the card using watercolor paint to make a crayon resist.  So cute.... 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 15 Art with a HeART

Next week we will be collecting new mittens, hats, and scarves for our Share the Warmth community event hosted by the art department. Please help by donating new items. If we reach our goal of collecting 60 items, students will have a chance to win an "Art with a HeART" gift basket filled with wonderful art supplies...

1st grade students completed their 3d tepee and fire this week. Students made their tepee using a brown lunch bag stuffed with newspaper. They tied the top off their bag using yarn and beads. Next students glued their tepee to a black sheet of paper and then created their 3d fire. Students enjoyed making their 3d art and they all commented on how nice everyone's tepee and fire turned out.

3rd grade students completed another "Fall" project this week. Our focus was on texture, so we went with a dried corn husk as our theme (to go with our Novemeber American Indian and Fall theme). Students created these using their color choice. 

4th grade continued to finish their "Changing Leaves" art this week and will continue to complete it next week.

5th grade - Pictures with my iphone do not do justice to these amazing pieces of art. Students drew on black paper, traced their drawing with glue and then colored them with colored pencils. These "Fall Harvest" pictures took some time to complete, but well worth the time and effort.

Have a great Thanksgiving (turkey day) and enjoy the few extra days off from school and work :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 14 : Party in The Art Room!!

This week has been super fun for many of our students and that's because there has been lots of partying going on. I like to reward students for positive behavior and when they have earned 9 "Green Days", they earn an art party. Green days are earned when no reminders are needed for classroom rules. As much as the students love having an art party, these art parties drain me. They take so much effort and being the organized person that I am... art parties can get a bit chaotic and not as organized as I like (hard for me to just step back and not give directions sometimes), but hearing the laughter and hearing them comment on how much they love art makes all the craziness of the art party well worth it. 

This week we also created our first batch of watercolor paint. "Mark" the marker eater has been fed well the past few months and that means we get to make paint! Here are some pictures of the process... 

2nd Grade students were the first to use our "class made" watercolor paint. Our "Changing Leaves" art project required many steps to complete. Students first created their own leaf template, then traced their leaf (over and over), next we colored the background with a black crayon and lastly we painted our leaves with our watercolor paint...