Friday, December 20, 2013

Week 18... More Winter Art

Kinder students had a fun week. They had the chance to "Free Draw" and draw pictures of themselves playing in the snow. I also showed them how to draw trees (winter scene) using geometric shapes.

1st grade students had fun making winter trees this week, but the best part was taking white paint and splattering it onto their art (to give a snow appearance). They LOVED this....

2nd grade students enjoyed learning about print making in art class. Students created their own 'block print" template with foam. Students first drew a sketch, next they transferred the sketch to the foam. The next step was to ink the foam using printing ink and a brayer. Students got to pick 2 colors of their choice and make 2 prints.

2nd graders also got to make "snow globes" this week.

3rd grade students continued to finish their self portraits this week. Most of them are done, but a few more need to be completed.  I will be hanging them when we return from the Holiday break.

4th grade students played catch-up this week and others had fun creating snowflakes.

5th grade students also played catch-up this week. They will be starting a new project after the Holiday break. 


  1. The snow globes are adorbs!! Please come link up on my Christmas crafts linky!!

  2. Your work is absolutely beautiful!