Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 1 in the Art Room...

 My first week in a public school was amazing and went much smoother than I expected!! I was overwhelmed with the amount of hugs I received. Kinders and first graders are always willing to give out hugs, but this week I also received hugs from my 4th and 5th graders.... you know you have hit the "Cool Teacher" status when the older kids hug you (and tell you that you are the BESTEST art teacher ever)!

"We are looking back at Summer"... To start the school year off, after reviewing all the classroom expectations and rules, students got to reflect back on what they did this summer. I gave each student a large pair of sunglasses that I drew on paper and they got to design the frames how they wanted and then draw a picture of what they did this summer in the lens section. All grade levels loved this and it was a huge success! My bulletin board has over 400 pairs of sun glasses on it....

There were a few things that the students could not stop taking about this week... Mark the marker eater, the paint buckets hanging from the ceiling, Artist of The Week,  the treasure chest, and my icarly remote (that I hope to have in class next week).... who doesn't love random dancing in the art room! Here is my Artist of the Month Bulletin Board I made to display student art...

This week and the next few weeks....
- Kinders learned about Roy G. Biv (Colors of the rainbow).

- First grade  learned about Mona Lisa and are working on making Mona Lisa smile.

- Second is learning about warm and cool colors and are using watercolor paint.
- Third grade is learning about foreground, middle ground and background and using watercolor paint.
- Fourth grade is learning about negative and positive space in art and using markers.
- Fifth is learning about complimentary colors and they are using colored pencils.

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