Friday, November 15, 2013

Week 13 Native American Indian Art and More...

Art to Remember is scheduled to ship out to Bradley this Monday, November 18th and we should receive all the art by that Wednesday. My goal is to have all students bring home their keepsakes by Tuesday, November 26th.

Kindergarten students created a mixed media art project this week to celebrate Native American Heritage month. The tepees were made with construction paper, markers, and Popsicle sticks and the backgrounds were painted.  

1st grade students are creating 3d tepees and will be completing them soon. We are using brown lunch bags to create the tepees.

2nd grade students also created art to celebrate Native American Heritage month. This project was a mixed media project. We used brown butcher paper, markers, construction paper, and beans. The main focus of this lesson was on symbols. We discussed how Native American Indians drew pictures to tell stories. 

2nd graders also made these very cool looking birch trees. We used a technique called masking and used watercolor paint. We added tree shadows to add a nice finishing touch. Students had the choice of either a blue sky or a sunset sky. These birch tree forest turned out wonderful!

3rd graders had fun being "mad scientist" and creatied their own science lab. First we drew our science labs and then painted them... but in a different way. Students learned a new technique - blowing on wet paint. This technique gave the appearance of explosions and helped to make their science labs look as tho a real mad scientist had created it. 

4th grade students are finishing their Leaf project and should have them completed by next week.

5th graders are working on different projects at this time. I've learned that all my classes work at different speeds and trying to keep them all on the same schedule is impossible. My goal was to have all students start on their "Fall Harvest" art last week, but we still have many students working on completing their Modigliani self portrait. Hopefully by the first few weeks of December, they will all be caught up and working on the same project. For those students who have started on their "Fall Harvest" art, they are half was complete.


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