Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 20 and 21 - Half through the school year

Preschool students made mittens this week using colored squares and glue. Next they painted the background and added snowflakes! With temperatures in the single digits this week - it was a great day to make mittens!

Kindergarten students created a winter forest. These birch trees and red cardinals make a great addition to our hallway walls. Our birds were made using 3 simple shapes - circle, oval, and triangle. The birch trees were made using 4 long white stripes of paper.  The last step was to add snow using a q-tip...

1st grade students learned about weaving and created these fun alligators/lizards


Second grade students drew themselves and their shadows. We discussed shadows and what silhouettes are. I have to comment on have some of these second graders are super good at designing clothes - fashion creative!!!

3rd grade students painted our state bird, the cardinal.

4th grade students used oil pastels, construction paper, and glitter for this mixed media artwork

Fifth grade students learned about artist Claus Oldenburg, an american artist who is known for his pop art sculptures. We discussed his "Burger" sculpture and then students got to be creative an design their own burgers. They could add anything they wanted to their burger, as long as it was food. Some of these have some crazy things in them - crabs, pizza, cupcakes, fried eggs, candy, fish, and spaghetti.. This project was a mixed media collage. We used yarn, felt, tissue paper, and construction paper.


  1. The people with the shadow are awesome!!!! : )

  2. Your shadows are outstanding!!!! Did you have the kids trace their drawings onto black construction paper? What was your process? Thanks!