Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 4... Half way done!

The first four weeks of this school year have gone by super fast and I am sure it flew by because I have amazing students and I love what I do!

First,  I want to share a piece of art that one of my 3rd graders made for me. Yesterday I had on a cute deep purple colored dress and my brown cowboy boots... She drew a picture of us -  me with my purple dress and cowboy boots :) She made me look pretty, look at my amazing eye lashes and skinny waist!

The long awaited moment.... The first artist of the week students were chosen this Monday and everyone one is super excited.  It was very difficult to only pick one student for each grade level, but there are still many more weeks of the school year left -  many other students will get a chance of being on my Artist of the Week bulletin board!

This week, 1st grade is finishing their Art to Remember project - flowers are our theme. We talked about artist Georgia O'Keeffe and the beautiful flowers she painted... students then created their our beautiful flowers. We talked about giving the flower petals multiple layers and they achieved this!  Here are a few that are complete.

2nd graders are also finishing their Art to Remember projects this week, but their theme is "Colorful Iguanas".  We talked about the importance of using our entire piece of paper and layering objects when we draw. These are the cutest and most colorful iguanas I've ever seen!

4th graders have been working on their negative and positive space art for the past few weeks and are finishing them this week. For this project, we learned and practiced making a template (in this case they made their own tree template). We then discussed positive and negative space in art and  reviewed patterns. Students got to select their pattern and color choice. When I look at these, I think "Happy Trees"....

I have to admit that I have the best students and it never gets old hearing them say I am the "best art teacher ever"... I'm sure that me doing the "Sprinkler and shopping cart" dance with theme helps in getting the "best" art teacher status, but if it makes them smile - it makes me smile!


  1. Hi, Melanie! My name is Jessi and my nephew is one of your kindergarten students! I'd love to see some of their work!

    Thanks for this blog! I love reading it! :-)

  2. Hi Jessi! Kindergartners are finishing up their "Kandinsky Circles". They have been learning about a famous artist named Kandinsky and we looked at Kandinsky's famous artwork "Concentric Circles". Next they will be drawing butterfly's for their Art to Remember fundraiser project. I will get some pictures posted in the next few days! Thanks for taking the time to read my class blog :)