Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 5: Part Two

Before I jump into sharing wonderful artwork, I have to apologize for some of the pictures being a bit blurry. I use my iphone as my camera and i dropped it the other day...  causing the back glass to shatter and now the pictures are a bit blurry.

I love how my students view me and I am always honored when they have drawn a picture for me - and the picture is of me! Here is another picture of Ms. Lupien (Ms. L) ... notice the spelling of my name on the art :) I guess I was wearing lots of brown today and I did not notice until I saw this picture of me - brown shoes, brown pants, striped brown shirt and a brown sweater!! I love how she even drew my short pony tail into a bun - very creative!

Pre K students have been reading about an elephant named Elmer - a very colorful elephant. I made a large elephant templates for them to cover with colorful squares (like in the book). Next, they all got busy making Elmer bright and beautiful (fun cooperative project). This Elmer was made with love.

4th grade started a new project last week. They are creating a landscape picture, but not just any ordinary landscape. They are making a "patterned landscape". We discussed different types of mountains, hills, lakes, and regions before we started the art project. We also talked about patterns and how they can give the appearance of texture.

Remember, keep sending in those plastic bottle caps (make sure they are washed first). We still only have a fraction of what we will need to create our masterpiece.

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