Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 4: Part II

More wonderful art has been created and posted around the school. For those of you who do not have the opportunity to walk through our school and see the art work... here is a snippet of more art that was created this week.

Pre K has been reading Brown Bear by Eric Carle and in art class we created our very own brown bear. This project was a two day event. We first started with painting an entire sheet of large paper with 2 different brown colors. Once the entire sheet was painted, I had students take a plastic fork and scratch the wet paint (to give texture). This also helped to make it look like the art in Eric Carle's Brown Bear book. Once the paper was dry, students cut out their bear shapes (templates I made) that was drawn on their brown paper. Lastly they created a scene for  their bears! Check out the texture on these bears...

Circles, circles, and more circles!!!! I do believe kindergartners have mastered the circle shape (organic and geometric) . Last week kinders learned about a famous artist name Kandinsky. Kandinsky is famous for a piece of art that he created called Concentric Circles... For the past two weeks kinders have been busy making their very own Kandinsky circle art.... Kandinsky would be proud (I am extremely proud)!

Pre K and kinders are not the only ones learning and creating art this week. First graders had the opportunity to create "Line Art" using a technique called crayon resist. Our lesson objective was to make patterns using different line variations that we discussed in class. Once lines and patterns were created with crayons, we painted each section with a "watercolor wash" (very light colored watercolor paint that we made in class)... I showed them an example of a firework on the class board - this must have been their favorite since they all seemed to have drawn it :)

I am sure you are all wondering what 5th graders have been doing since I have not posted their art yet... I promise to post shortly. They are finishing their Paul Klee Cubism art and next week will be creating a year book cover for our year book contest.

I hope you are all enjoying seeing the artwork that my students (your amazing kids) are creating! I love sharing it with you!! Until next week....

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