Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 11 - Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures...

The Great Pumpkin Contest has some very creative pumpkins on display. If you haven't been to Bradley this week to see all the pumpkins, no worries!! I will be posting pictures on next weeks blog. Pictures will include group pumpkin pictures and individual pumpkin winner pictures (pictures of just the pumpkins, not students). We have  50+ pumpkins on display! It is going to be very hard to select the winners!

1st graders have been learning about the past, present, and  future in their homeroom classes... so I decided to have students draw what they wanted to be when they get older (future self portrait). Each first grader drew his or herself  in the future doing their "dream job". We have teachers, art teachers, dancers, singers, stay at home moms, police officers, fire fighters, McDonald workers, Dollar Store employees, princesses, scientist,... the list goes on!

A Flower Shop Worker...

A Dancer and Cox Farm Employee

Fish Market, Singer, and Art Teacher (My favorite) 

2nd graders are learning a new art techniques this week called "Masking". Stay tuned for more details and pictures of this project that should be completed early next week.

3rd graders finished their 1 point perspective art this week. Students created some very creative aquariums with some very interesting creatures. This lesson took us about 4 weeks - lots of hard work went into these amazing art pieces!

4th graders completed their Vincent Van Gogh inspired sunflowers this week. We viewed and discussed 3 of Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings and added a fun twist to this project by making it pop-up art. The checkered background makes the flowers "pop" even more.

5th graders did an amazing job on their Amedeo Modigliani inspired self portraits. Modigliani is know for his elongated face (people) paintings. 5th graders had fun making their faces and necks look elongated. Students first sketched their self portraits and then colored them using oil pastels. These have a awesome cartoon appearance!


  1. I am in love with your Van Gogh pop art pieces! I may have to use this idea with my students in the coming year.

  2. I love the Van Gogh pop up. Is there a link to the project?

  3. Thank you for this wonderful post. Very interesting and creative ideas. :-)

  4. I would also love more info on the Van Gogh pop up!!

  5. Hermosos todos tus proyectos.un abrazo.

  6. this is great! by any chance do you have a lesson or a step by step for the Vincent Van Gogh sunflower pop up?