Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 9: Late, but still posting...

I am delighted to report that we have surpassed our fundraiser goal for Art to Remember this year!! Many, many thanks to all! The Bradley art department raised a little over $2000 this year to be used to purchase art room supplies!!!

With no School last Monday, and Field Day this past Friday... we did not get to finish as many projects as I wanted, but here is week 9 update....

1st graders completed their seascapes and they turned out fantastic. The painted "sunset" and ocean look amazing and the sailboats make me want to sail away to a tropical Island. These mixed media artworks are beautiful! Sorry for the dark picture, I will try to get better ones and post them tomorrow.

2nd graders - no 2nd graders this week (Last Monday Holiday, Last Thursday Field Trip, and Friday Field Day)

3rd graders have been working super hard on their 1 point perspective "Aquariums" for the past few weeks and the assignment was much harder than they expected, but they will all say that the hard work was well worth it... almost done!

4th graders are finishing their Van Gogh inspired sunflowers this week. Vincent Van Gogh would be proud of these pop-up sunflowers!

5th graders are working hard on their Modigliani inspired self portraits this week and they are having a fun time with them. For many of them, this is their first time using oil pastels (some love them and others dislike them). The biggest complaint I get about oil pastels is that they are messy, this is true, but I like that they are exploring new art mediums. This lesson should be completed during week 10.

Kindergarten students have been catching up on assignments this week. We completed our "Fall" torn paper trees and some students got a chance to finish their Laurel Birch inspired cats.  We also created "Funny Face pumpkins" (practicing cutting and making shapes)

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