Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 7: Awesomeness in The Art Room

3rd graders created some terrific art this week! They completed their "Colored Pencils" and they turned out so amazing.  The photos do not do this artwork justice. They look even better in person. After I hung them up today, I kept catching myself going back out in the hallway and standing in front of the art... admiring it! Within 10 minutes of the art being hung, the artwork received numerous "awesome" comments. They really have the appearance of dimension. (as if they were cut out and glued to paper, which they weren't). These were drawn on gray paper with oil pastels and we then glued our art to black paper - for a nice finishing touch.

Here are some of the "Colored Pencils" that were done using oil pastels.... 

2nd graders also finished their "Blue Dog" art this week. We learned about George Rodrigue and looked at some of his famous Blue Dog paintings. After we talked about George Rodrigue's painting style , we then created our own "Blue Dog" art... so cute!

1st graders learned new art vocabulary this week: Geometric and Organic shapes. I started our discussion asking students if they knew what organic meant, most of them answered with one simple word "food" :) After we talked about shapes, students got to practice their fine motor skills and cut out their geometric and organic shapes (that they drew) and then make a collage with their shapes - very creative!

Kindergarten students had the chance to create their first "Fall" art today. We created trees by tracing our hands/arms and then colored green leaves around the tree (our hand). Next we got to finger paint (they loved this part). We used red, orange, and yellow (fall colors), we dipped our fingers in the paint to make the leaves :) I love the way these trees turned out - fall is my favorite time of the year. If i could find a place that had fall all year long, I would be there in a heartbeat.

5th graders are finishing up their "Tropical Birds" this week. The Art to Remember art will go home on October 11th and will be due back at school on October 18th.

4th graders are still working hard on their Van Gogh Sunflowers and we hope to have them completed by next week... pictures soon! The wait will be well worth it :)

Here is a picture of this weeks "Artist of the Week" students...


  1. Wow! I really thought the pencils were collaged on, they are totally 3D! And the Kindergarten hand trees are ADORABLE!!!! Can a grown up take this class?

  2. They did turn out super fantastic!!!!