Friday, October 11, 2013

Week 8 - Art is Messy...

Sorry, not so many pictures to share this week, but here are a few updates....
1. Art to Remember went home this week and is due back to school no later then next Friday, October 18th.
2. I am looking forward to all the pumpkins that will be entered into the pumpkin decorating contest hosted by the art room. I have some great prizes for the winners!
3. Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails this week. They all have been amazing, thank you for the super wonderful compliments and being so supportive. Since many of you have asked about the art room wish list and are interested in donating, please check the "Wish List" blog page - I've added more items! Thank you for supporting the art program at Bradley!

Here are art project updates (and some pictures)
1st graders have been busy for the past two weeks making some incredible seascapes. This was a fun project (messy), lots of work, but well worth it! Day 1: We started off by painting an entire sheet of paper blue, next we used texture tools to give the paint texture. Then we painted another sheet off paper, but this one was painted half orange and half yellow, then once again we added texture. Then we waited... until the paper dried. Day 2: I told students that we would be tearing our paper today and they looked at me with fear! "Why do you want us to tear our artwork" were the words I heard over and over. I explained that we would be tearing our paper into long  strips and then glue them in overlapping layers (to give the appearance of waves and depth). I told them to trust me (and they did)! Next we glued our  paper down, we made cute sail boats and also layered those into our seascape. The sunset on these turned out so amazing!!! It makes me want to sail away.... pictures next week (Still need to get them hung).

2nd graders loved creating "Wise Owls" this week. When I showed them the paper that we would be using to draw on - they had a look of fear on their cute faces (like the 1st graders did). I decided that we would use old book pages for this project and explained to students that I did not destroy our library books. We talked about recycled art and I also told them this could only be done with old books and not their good books at home :) Look how cute these "Wise Owls" turned out...

3rd graders started a new project. They are learning about 1 point perspective drawings. This project will take 2-3 class periods to complete

4th graders are still working on their Van Gogh pop-up sunflowers. I hope to have these done by the end of next week (fingers crossed)

5th graders are starting their self portraits this week. We are learning about artist Amedeo Modigliani and we will be drawing our self portraits in the same style that Modigliani painted his in - elongated faces/figures. Students will be using oil pastels for this project. As with all the self portraits that we will do in art, students will be drawing their self portraits using colors that represent them. Even though these self portraits will have a cartoon appearance, students will still color their eyes and hair color to match their hair and eye color. This project will take us 2-3 classes.

This week Kindergarten students have been creating "fall" themed art projects. We practiced tearing paper (which is a challenge for some students) and created "Fall Trees". Another messy art project... the art room floor looked liked confetti had exploded all over it.

Another group of "Artist of the Week"....

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